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Inspired by the worldwide liberal movements, Father for Justice israeli branch was founded in Israel and registered in 2017 as a nonprofit organization. Since its foundation, the organization has been active, in Israel and in the UN as well, in pursuit of family values.

The organization seeks to defend father's rights against discrimination by government and authorities.

A few campaigns were launched to raise public awareness of gender-based injustices.

The fathers filed a lawsuit for the supreme court in Israel, calling to abolish the discriminatory" tender years doctrine".

Also, the fathers frequent in discussions relating to social issues at Israeli Knesset, thereby voicing the neglected voice of fathers.

As part of its activity, the organization provides counseling for men and women who undergo a familial crisis, to allow every person to enjoy the basic right of parenting his or her child.
This service is also available in English – for more information please contact us.

The organization's goals, as defined by the executive board, are as follows:

Promoting social-familial policy which cuts across all domains.

Elevating the status of the nuclear family.

Defending men's rights for being an equal and valued parents.

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